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Ernie Conway
For Beaverton City Council Position #1

"Beaverton is stronger when ordinary citizens, who are the heart and soul of the community, take an active part in City issues." Ernie Conway - Candidate

I’m Ernie Conway, and I’m running for Beaverton City Council because I value our quality of life!

I am a native Oregonian and have lived in the Denney Whitford neighborhood in Beaverton since 1995. My goal as a City Councilor is to maintain and continue to improve livability in Beaverton while also working to sustain our resources and environment for the future.

I enjoy being involved in the Beaverton community. I am currently Chair of the Denney Whitford/Raleigh West Neighborhood Association Committee. I was the chair of the Beaverton Bicycle Advisory Committee from 2007-2009, and have been a member of the committee since 2002.

Do you value Beaverton’s quality of life?

I do, and I want to make sure we sustain, improve, and ensure that Quality of Life continues to meet the expectations of all citizens. That’s why I’m running for Beaverton City Council position #1.

A voice of the community

A community is made up of many diverse voices. I want to represent all those voices, not just those that are the loudest, have the most money, or know the most people.

Clarity, transparency, accountability

As a City Councilor, I will strive to keep information flowing freely to the citizens of Beaverton. I will ask the difficult questions that need to be asked. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll work to find solutions that meet the needs of Beaverton.

My focus:

Transparency :   Regardless of your position on an issue, in order to make the best decision, everyone should have the same facts and information. I would like to help develop better communication between the Council and community to avoid miscommunications.

• All meetings, work sessions, and planning events should be recorded for Granicus. There is no reason why with today's technology we should not record all meetings, sessions, and events.
• Meetings need to follow established schedules. Cornerstones of community information like City Council meetings and planning sessions need to remain at a time when everyone knows they will be and everyone can attend.

Independent Thinking :  I am not a City insider, and I will be a voice of the citizens and neighborhoods of Beaverton, not of any particular agenda or special interest.

• As a freshman candidate I have already learned so much about our community and election process - some positive, some not so positive. Beaverton needs a candidate that can change the status quo. I work at a regular job just like regular citizens. In the same way I spend the day interacting with people in a large office, I also expect to interact with people to gather information about issues. • Because I am not part of the "system" my approach will be different right from the start. My experience as a Quality Assurance engineer, and in problem solving will serve me as a City Councilor.

Community Voice -- YOUR voice :   I am a voice of the neighborhoods because I am a regular guy, commuting to work each day, and in contact with the regular people across Beaverton. I would like to continue to develop the interaction I have with people throughout the community and be your voice on the City Council.

• I would like to develop an electronic newsletter that will share where agenda items being presented before the council can be be found with a focus on how to learn what they mean. This email process will be a way to provide information on issues, events, or opportunities for the community to be heard.
• Citizens note they don't always have their voice heard. Why? I would like to work on a survey to find out how people get their information and then a way for them to feed that back.

Citizen Involvement : Beaverton is stronger when ordinary citizens, who are the heart and soul of the community, take an active part in City issues. As a City Councilor, I will advocate for you but also encourage you to actively participate in the process.

• The time has come to get citizens involved. If there is an issue, the Council needs to hear from a range of citizens, not just those who are presenting on an issue. Yes, I want people to have all the same information as the city does, but that is not enough. Once people have information I would like to complete the communication loop by hearing back on what that information means to them.
• I would like to develop a way to poll interested citizens about important City issues.
• The City Council and the Mayor represent six of Beaverton’s decision makers—but they can only do so much. The time has come for citizens to not only give feedback but become involved. We have 13 wonderful NAC's that meeting in 10 monthly meetings. I would like to find out why people are not able to attend. Are they aware of their meetings? Do they have the time? If they cannot attend, what are other options for them to get involved. What would it take to get them involved?

I don’t come to this race with a fancy résumé or a hidden agenda. I’m running a simple, grassroots campaign that is not actively seeking endorsements or donations. I’m running because I am one of you, and the City Council needs to hear your voice.

Let's work together to keep Beaverton great by electing a community voice.

Elect Ernie Conway for Beaverton City Council !

Contact me at:
Phone: 503-329-7978 (cell)
              503-646-5688 (home)

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